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Import / Export of Vehicles


You have found your dream car in the usa and now you are wondering what to do ?

We`ll I help you

Here you can see some small examples, just  to give you a certain overview of our services.

But a induviduelle agreement will be always necessary.

If you have found your car get in touch with us and we will find the best way for you to realize your dream.

1. You found a car on eBay and you would like to place a bid

No problem.
You bid on the car, pay the seller and you make an appointment with a carrier for the transportation to us.
As soon as the car arrives, we`ll  take care of the rest.
- possibly desired conversion
- possibly desired upgrades
- possibly desired maintenance
- shipment to the desired port / or delivery to your doorstep

2. You found a car on eBay and you want us to take care of everything ?

Also no problem.
You name us the desired maximum bid, we bid on the car for you, arrange transportation to our headquarters and will perform the service on the car you have agreed with us.

3. You found a car on one of the many dealers sites  and you want to buy it ?

Even that is not a problem.
After payment at the dealer you share with us any information and we take care of the transportation to our location.
Selecting a reliable and cheap freight forwarder and all necessary arrange will be done for you.
After the car has arrived with us, we will perform the service on the car you have agreed with us

Please not that we`ll start with all our services only against advance payment.
We also give no guarantee on the condition of the purchased / auctioned car.
Make sure that  there is the appropriate price-performance ratio for you.
Once your car has arrived with us, you can decide whether we take care of any  necessary restorations, repairs, maintenance or conversions or if you want to take care of your self .



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